Welcome to reliability, simplicity, and quality. Welcome to CAMLOG implants.

Doctors and patients alike appreciate the simplicity and superior esthetics of the CAMLOG implant system. Precision engineering and an easy-to-use system have helped make CAMLOG one of the fastest-growing implant companies in Europe. Now American dentists and patients are discovering the advantages of CAMLOG. Surgical placement is simple and safe, restorations are a snap, and dental laboratories love working with CAMLOG because case management is very predictable.


The technical quality dentists demand–with the quality results patients expect.
More and more, dental implants are becoming the treatment of choice for many dental indications. With CAMLOG, patients can be comfortable knowing that their implant is designed to be a permanent solution, and will function like a natural tooth.

Patient Information


For dentists, the CAMLOG system is designed to make implant placement quick, safe and simple. Precision placement and rapid healing give rise to worry-free osseointegration and gingival results that make the restorative process very easy.

Clinician Information